What is lipstick made from?

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Lipstick is considered to be many people’s favorite cosmetics to beauty. It is an item that girls often have in their bags. To help add color to the lips and look attractive all the time. But what is the lipstick used today made of? If I accidentally swallow it, will it be dangerous? You can study it from the following information

Most lipsticks are made from waxes, oils, and pigments, and each ingredient serves a different purpose:

  • Wax or wax will help the lipstick to be molded into the desired shape. and makes the lip texture easier to spread while applying
  • Oil may be petroleum. or natural oils like lanolin Cocoa butter, jojoba or castor oil which acts as a softening agent for the lips
  • Pigments are responsible for enhancing the color.UFABET

Additionally, adding antioxidants and vitamins to lipstick also reduces the rancidity of natural ingredients. And the manufacturer may add different ingredients. To create a product that is more unique, such as a lightweight emollient. It has waterproof properties and helps the color of the lipstick last long. Or may add mica or silica. To help make the shiny and shiny, etc.

However, if we compare the amount of metals found in lipstick with the metals that are contaminated in food. It was found that the daily amount of chromium is less than 1 percent compared to the risk of chromium contaminating food. And the amount of manganese in food is 1,000 times higher than the manganese found in lipstick. And as usual, there are standard levels of metals that come with products. By keeping it within the criteria that consumers can use safely.