How to play Pai Kaeng

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1. Enter the Pai Kaeng game ทางเข้า UFABET


2. Select the room type and the betting chip.


3. When the game starts (minimum 2 people up, maximum 9 people), the system will deal cards to everyone. Player with D symbol will start playing as the first of their turn and will cycle clockwise.

4. When you get a card, there will be buttons to choose from as follows:


How to play Pai Kaeng

Kaeng  is to show everyone’s cards to see their points. If the person with less points wins If a person can score more points, he loses. If the Kang and the points are equal, the Kanger wins.

Draw  is to pick up 1 card from the pile if the pile is drawn. The system will force the last person to cache immediately.

Lay  is to play the same cards as the previous ones. It is divided into the following conditions:

Normal flow.  It can happen that one person has to discard the card in that round. The next person, the second person has the same cards as the first person.

Resume  occurs when someone discards a card in that round. Then the next person, the second and the third have the same cards as the first one.

suction flow  can occur when One of the players has discarded the card.

The next player may have 1 or 2 cards of the same number in their hand and flow out of their hand. The player who runs out of hand gets 3 times the player who discards the card.

Note : There will be a time to consider choosing to press 12 seconds. When the time is exceeded, the system will automatically press Cang. 

5. The first player can choose to hold or draw, or if a special card is obtained, the game will end immediately (only the first round)

6. When changing to the next person, choose to draw, hold or flow (will come up when the next person has the same number of cards that the previous person discarded or you can choose not to flow) If it can flow until the cards are out of hand, it is called sucking . 

7. Keep going like this until someone knocks (the card runs out of hand) or someone knocks.  

8. The person who wins in the first round will start playing first in the next turn.