Hyundai announced that it considered the situation of Chelsea.

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Hyundai Motors the South Korean automaker has issue a statement ask. It to take a closer look at the situation with Chelsea. As team owner Roman Abramovich has ban by the British government from conducting activities. That have led to a halt earnings in the aftermath of the Ukrainian-Russia war.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announce Abramovich as one of seven Russian businessmen. That was add to the blacklist being subject to sanctions ( property control , transaction restrictions , entry restrictions, etc. ). Until the UFABET team is unable to move at all except playing football.  

This led to the withdrawal of sponsorships of Internet. And telecommunication services provider Tree. Which has a £40 million-a-year contract to support the team. As well as wanting to remove the brand’s logo from all of the club’s shirts.

In the case of Hyundai.

The sleeve sponsor has been closely following the action at Stamford Bridge , asking to look at the events for a while before deciding whether to cancel the sponsorship or not.

” Hyundai has been one of the strongest sponsors of football for many years, ” a spokesman for Hyundai Motors said in a statement.  

“ And our company supports sports teams to do good things. ” 

” Regarding the situation at Chelsea Football Club. We are considering the matter. ” 

In addition to the above two brands. Nike sportswear sponsor Chelsea is also preparing to withdraw their support. And it will cost a lot because of a long contract worth 900 million pounds.