The understanding in playing Sexy baccarat gaming

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Sexy Baccarat gaming It is a card game that is very painful for many gamblers. Where will I have to be lost with the girls who keep dancing to tempt me to want to bet? Which game to play that is more fun to play? No matter how much money I spend, I don’t remember. Until I get hurt and remember It was almost too late. want to play to get money back Hundreds of thousands of losses can be returned. What should I do? There are many methods wrong choice. Today, the UFABET website ทางเข้า UFABET will tell you how to choose different techniques. For making profits in playing sexy baccarat to be consistent with everyone which will be You can continue to follow in the article.

Sexy Baccarat or Sexy Gaming Baccarat with sexy girls Come to tempt me to lose my concentration. Many gamblers really lose this way. After playing, I can’t concentrate. I look at the cards at all. Because they only watch and enjoy these beautiful girls. Wasted so much that it was almost gone. Today I will tell you how to manage yourself. and the selection of each technique to play various money movements in order to increase the chances of making a profit Let the gambler himself which will be as follows

Rollover play

In this technique, it will be a top-level technique of the sexy baccarat camp because it is suitable for gamblers with not high capital. Because it will insure your money well by playing will think of the main bet first, such as 50 baht in the first eye, if lost, down 100 baht. Including the amount lost, if losing again, down 150 baht according to the amount Play again if you play like this. will insure the cost well And when you can play, go back to playing 50 baht as usual. This technique will have a chance to lose quite difficult but will get a little slow profit.

Play 1 – 3 – 2 – 4

This betting technique is the most popular technique of sexy baccarat, which is a medium-level investment that is not too risky and profitable by betting that the main capital must be set the same. For example, 50 baht is considered the 1st wood. Although if was given down to 150 baht according to the 2nd stick. But if correct, go down 100 and 200 according to the numbers 1 3 2 4, if wrong, go back to the beginning of every digit again cheap 2 Eye contact up will be quite beautiful profit.

Can play in rollover

This betting technique is considered a bit risky, but if the profit is a lot. Which is consider the most risky among all the forms of sexy baccarat.

For example, by setting the main cost to be reduced as usual. Such as the first 50 baht. If it’s right, go down another 100 baht. Incase it’s cheap again, go down 150 baht and 200 baht by adding up the profit that you get. If the bet loses, start going back to 50 baht per turn as usual. I’d say it’s a bit risky, but if you get it, it’s definitely worth it.

Styles of play that should be understood in playing sexy baccarat

sexy baccarat Can choose the chip price to bet, such as bet on Banker 500 baht, click on Banker. Then press the check mark or press confirm To cancel the bet then press on the cross mark

  • Sexy Baccarat will have chip prices ranging from 10 20 50 100 200 500 to 50 thousand.
  • Can choose to bet from 10 baht or more

card counting sexy baccarat

Completely similar to poker bounce.  Which the points will be according to the picture In dealing cards, 2 cards will be dealt first on each side, both the banker’s side and the player’s side. If the side gets points 1-5, they must draw 1 more card.

10 , Jack ( J ) , Mam ( Q ) , King ( K ) is 0 points.

Ace (A) is 1 point, while 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 points are counted according to the number of cards.

There are 6    possible bets as follows:

  • SMALL is a bet that The game in that round, if no more than 4 cards are dealt, wins.
  • TIE bets on whether the card points between PLAYER and BANKER are equal.
  • PLAYER is a bet that the player’s side wins.
  • P PAIR is a bet on the player’s side that the cards dealt will be paired.
  • B PAIR will be a bet that If the game in that round has more than 4 cards dealt, it wins.
  • BANKER is a bet that the dealer will win.

The highest payout rates are B PAIR, P PAIR and TIE respectively, and the % of this type of card is different. go as appropriate

When winning on the Player’s side, the bettor will receive a payout of 1 to 1, which is a full bet, for example a bet of 300 baht will get 300 baht.

When winning on Banker’s side. The bettor will get 1 pay 0.95, which will be deducted 5%, for example bet 300 baht will get 285 baht.