Zoboslai points out that “JK” is boiling on the sidelines.

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Liverpool midfielder Dominic Zoboslai has admitted. Manager Jurgen Klopp’s aggressive demeanor on the sidelines has influenced his players to be less aggressive than his older brother.

Klopp is a cheering coach who won’t stick to the chair until the score is broken. Always come out in the technical area to motivate the team. This is what Zoboslai has seen since their rivals visit Anfield. Even changing to his subordinate ‘JK’ appreciates that his manager is difficult to withdraw the accelerator.

“Back in the 2019 Champions League, I visited Anfield as Red Bull Salzburg. I must say that Anfield is one of the best stadiums I have ever experienced. ” opening mouth through the official website 

“The fans are unbelievable, the players are amazing as well and most importantly. The team manager The desire you expressed like a madman which I like it.” UFABET

“Obviously Jürgen is good-natured, outstanding personality. But it will feel some energy if you press on the sidelines … like he wants to come and compete with us.” 

“I think maybe you want to go out on the pitch and tackle your opponent hard.” 

Asian handicap, Liverpool warm-up game , meet Bayern Munich for ‘ Southern Tigers ‘ to go on 5, total score of three and a half.