In summary, Martinez was banned for the first match.

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Emiliano Martinez is set to miss Aston Villa‘s next European match. After receiving a yellow card in a rare situation in the Conference League.

Argentina national team goalkeeper Will be banned from the first match of the Conference League semi-final at Villa Park on 2 May. After he was booked during the penalty shoot-out against Lille on Thursday passed by.

Villa won that game. But Martinez’s yellow card was his second that night. And it means he will be banned for the next program.UFABET 

Martinez was shown a yellow card for delaying time in the first half. However, a yellow card during the game will not count towards the penalty shootout period. This means that the 31-year-old goalkeeper was still on duty, saving Benjamin Andre’s shot.

At first, UEFA was not clear on the suspension of his players.

The rules state that a yellow card received during a match will be removed after a player reaches the semi-finals.

Although Martinez was not sent off during the penalty shootout. But he still got registered twice that night.

After hours of deliberation, UEFA will ban Martinez after collecting three yellow cards from both matches against Lille.

A UEFA spokesperson said: “Emiliano Martinez will be banned for the first leg of the Conference League semi-final against… Olympiacos”